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15 Signs Your Company Needs Tech Outsourcing

Keeping up with technology can feel increasingly complex as it grows and changes rapidly. With the U.S. tech industry making up 35% of the world market, nearly every business uses it in some form with their day-to-day functions. However, as more solutions are developed, the harder it is for organizations to understand and choose the right ones. What could once be handled in-house as a secondary task now requires industry-level expertise. That is why tech outsourcing has become an appealing option.

What Is Tech Outsourcing?

Tech outsourcing refers to using an external IT company or consultant to provide expert help to manage and implement technology solutions. They target specific functions and develop cost-effective and efficient strategies to stay within their budget’s scope. That can include elements like IT infrastructure, data management, cloud services, cybersecurity, analytics, and more.

Why Do Companies Outsource Their Technology?

Many companies will outsource their tech to reduce costs and make workflow improvements. Whether they’re unsatisfied with their current technology or are having trouble managing it themselves, many reasons lead to outsourcing. Using a team with extensive technology experience reduces the risk of trying new tactics, improves IT services, and provides reliable support.

15 Signs That Show You May Need Tech Outsourcing

When it comes to tech outsourcing, it may not always be evident if your company needs to do it. Even if things are running smoothly now, underlying issues or missed opportunities may damage a business’s potential. Here are 15 signs to watch for:

1. Lack of In-house Experience

One of the clearest signs that you need tech outsourcing is not having anyone with IT experience with it on staff. Whether installing new solutions, creating cost-effective technology plans, or simply updating software, not having an IT expert in-house can cause any company to fall behind its competitors.

2. Tech Cost Overages

Technology costs can be hard to predict, especially when a company is growing its client base and uncertain of the best strategy to meet its needs. Businesses that are consistently over budget may benefit from outsourced technology to save money and discover more effective solutions.

3. Difficult Tracking Tech Trends

Technology evolves quickly, as many companies try solutions like AI tools, 3D printing, edge computing, the internet of things (IoT), and cloud integration. Tracking business IT trends is easier to do with a team of IT experts that can handle tech outsourcing.

4.Frequent Downtime

Downtime threatens any business and can lead to lost profits when services are inaccessible. Frequent downtime can also reduce brand trust, as customers will start looking elsewhere when issues become more frequent.

5.Inefficient Processes

Productivity is a vital part of keeping an organization profitable. Inefficient processes can slow down a business and lead to lost opportunities by not having more practical technology in place.

6.Trouble Scaling Up

As customer bases grow, company demands also increase along the way. Depending on the industry and the way the business profits from it, scaling up can be a significant hurdle that prevents many from being able to take the next step. Using an outsourced technology strategy can greatly improve scaling.

7.Data Management Needs

Managing company and customer data not only requires advanced infrastructure but it can also have strict compliance requirements. Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets, and it’s vital to ensure it’s both securely and effectively handled.

8. Poor Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are an ongoing risk for any company that uses technology, whether outsourcing or otherwise. Generally, the organizations that need cybersecurity the most don’t think they need it or aren’t sure what IT security is. Many owners don’t believe cyber threats are dangerous until it’s too late and the damage is already done.

9. Wasted Tech Support Time

Even if a company has an in-house IT technician, that doesn’t mean their time is being used effectively. If technology woes are leaving them little time to help with other tasks, augmenting them with tech outsourcing can be cheaper, so they can focus on higher-priority needs.

10. No Disaster Recovery Plan

Much like cybersecurity, having a disaster recovery plan is part of being prepared against potential problems. The hope for any business is to never need to use it. However, an outsourced tech team can ensure if a problem does arise, it can be solved quickly and effectively with minimal risk to the company or customers.

11. Poorly Maintained Computers

Having computers that aren’t running well and have outdated software leads to less productivity and more staff frustrations. In contrast, an outsourced IT team can ensure everything is modernized, up-to-date, and working smoothly.

12. High Turnover Rates

With IT spending projected to reach $4.6 trillion by the end of 2023, the technology industry continues to boom. However, that leads to higher turnover rates as newer and less experienced people enter the workforce. With tech outsourcing, businesses can bypass that issue as third-party companies offer guaranteed services and stability.

13. No Time for Staff Training

Training IT staff can be expensive and time-consuming. And with turnover rate concerns, even if an employee is fully invested, there’s no guarantee they’ll be the right fit. Using an outsourced technology team removes the extra time and costs, allowing businesses to implement new solutions.

14. Ineffective Software Solutions

With online purchase guides being easy to find with a simple Google search, companies can get dozens of solutions for nearly every imaginable problem. The problem is that every answer isn’t a good fit. They can include additional expensive features that waste time and money to integrate.

15. Not Meeting IT Compliance

There is a wide range of compliance standards, such as NIST-800, CMMC, SOC-2, HIPAA, and PCI. Depending on the types of services provided and the industry, it may be a requirement to meet compliance to continue to operate. Those guidelines are not there to cause more headaches; they’re essential to protecting customers’ data, privacy, and payment information.

Outsource Your Tech With ITonDemand

As business owners continue to navigate new trends, changing demand, and unexpected security challenges, tech outsourcing is an effective and affordable way to keep pace. ITonDemand offers fully outsourced IT solutions to aid companies with all their technology needs. Whether getting day-to-day assistance through helpdesk support or innovating with a new digital vision, ITonDemand can support you at every level. Give us a call or get in touch through our contact form for a consultation to see how we can help your business thrive.

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