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ITonDemand Infographic: How to Spot a Phishing Email

Phishing emails are one of the most common and effective cyber threats targeting individuals and businesses alike. With over 3 billion spoofing emails sent per day, phishing attempts can take many forms, making them difficult for the average user to identify. That’s why this month, we’re providing a free phishing infographic.

In this infographic, we include some essential tips to help you spot a phishing email. Signs of phishing can range from asking for personal information to using an urgent or threatening tone. From there, our phishing infographic will guide you on what to do next if an email seems suspicious. When it comes to personal information, you can never be too careful.

You can download this for personal use or share it with your friends, family, or employees:

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Why Phishing Emails Continue to Be a Challenge

Phishing emails are still challenging, as they can trick uninformed users. Malicious AI tools like WormGPT present new concerns, as they can create fake messages that are more convincing than what was done in the past. Scammers always look for new ways to bypass the latest detection, making it an ongoing battle with cybersecurity experts.

Considering 45% of all email traffic is spam, phishing emails played a big part in Gmail and Yahoo’s new sender requirements. While that number has come down over the years, many unwelcome messages still get past email filters. Once an email arrives in a user’s inbox, it becomes their burden to know whether it’s safe to read, respond to, or follow the links.

How Phishing Infographics Can Help Spread Awareness

No matter how effective the service or solution is, a phishing email may occasionally slip through the cracks. Due to that, phishing infographics like the one we provided play a critical role in helping people spot them. Awareness of the cyber threat is the biggest step people can take to prevent getting tricked. By understanding the signs, you can stop phishing attempts in their tracks.

You Can Trust ITonDemand to Protect You From Phishing

At ITonDemand, we prioritize your protection against phishing threats. We filter out harmful emails using advanced tools like SpamTitan, ensuring that only safe and legitimate messages reach your inbox. We also provide businesses with the knowledge they need, such as our phishing infographic, to help keep their employees safer. You can rely on our expert cybersecurity team to protect you against email threats.

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